I’m not a scrapbooker

by Amanda on December 3, 2008

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Nope, I’ve tried that scrapbook thing. I love all the ribbons, eyelets, papers, stickers…but I’m just not good at it. Ok, maybe I’m just not creative or patient enough. So, I’m not a scrapbooker.

But, I am a book maker! I’ve been obsessed with making photo books lately. I found MyPublisher by accident and made a Lillie the Dog Book as well as a Summer 2008 book! They turned out fabulously. OMG! So, my enthusiasm spread. I showed them off at work, and one of the girls I work with made one of her Europe trip through ShutterFly. And it looks awesome, too! She’s going to do one for her mom and her boyfriend is doing one of their Beijing Trip. She said that if I got commission from selling photobooks, I’d be rich.

There are no minimum orders, so you can order one book! And you do all the formatting and everything. These make great gifts…hint hint–Christmas, sillies!!

I think the next one might be my Munich trip. I just wish I could remember the captions for my Europe Trip so many years ago. AND digital cameras were not around then, so I’d have to scan away….Maybe I could send them to ScanCafe? Hmmm….

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