I’m getting the crafty bug…

by Amanda on August 11, 2008

in Rusted Root, Zephyr Style

Rustedrootpink Sometimes I feel like my weekends are more exhausting than my weeks! Though, I don’t think I’ll every say that I want Monday to get here faster because I want the weekend to end…

Side note:
I should explain BFF and me. See, him and I dated a while and then we decided to become friends. So, it became a joke that we are Summer BFFs (Best Friends Forever). Well, that evolved into Big Fat Friends (not that we overweight, but more like the expression "that big fat pencil"…does that make sense?) So, now he is BFF. It’s as simple as that!

Ok, back to our story…

BFF and I have this "Summer Bucket List". It’s this list of activities we want to get done by the end of summer, and we have got to get going. We’ve accomplished a couple things this last weekend.

#1 – Sit at Jimmy’s Grill in Naperville, enjoy some beers, and people watch

#2 – BBQ/Cookout with all the fixings (including veggie corn dogs on the grill!! Sounds crazy, but they were good…) 

#3 – Walk around Chicago taking architectural pictures to edit and print for my living room wall.

I think I walked over 10 miles on Sunday during our city picture day! I had no idea how far we had gotten until we took a cab back to our car! It’s good exercise, though, so I can’t complain! I’m hoping I get maybe15 good pictures from the 70 or so that I took. I would like to have them printed on canvas and then do a collagey type thing. OR get 2-3 good ones and have them printed on larger canvas…we’ll see how it turns out.

In between savoring the last weeks of summer, I did some knitting. I met up for another KIB on Saturday, and had a great time. It was nice to sit down and just work on my sweater and be chatty with some girls.

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robin August 11, 2008 at 10:54 am

Our low-key KIB was fun – it was nice catching up! I like Jimmy’s Grill for people-watching too. A few of my co-workers and I have a tradition at the beginning of each summer (when we start summer hours and are off on Friday afternoons) to kick off the season with a “liquid lunch”. Jimmy’s Grill was the site a few years back and it was fun.

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