I’m Baaaack!

by admin on April 27, 2018

in Antrorse

So, what’s it been? 3 years? I think it’s almost to the day…

Well, folks, a lot has happened in those 3 years. And I promise it’s not going to be like the last time…I’m going to be consistent with keeping up with the blog. Famous last words, right?

Anyway, a couple things – I had a baby! Gah! He’s soooo freaking cute. There is no bias here at all. That’s part of the reason for me not keeping up with everything. Babies/toddlers take a lot of time. I tell him he needs a job already. I’ve done some knitting for him, but I’ve gotten back into it for me, too. Next order of business, Yoda is no longer with us. It was a sad, sad decision, but she is so much better off now. Hunter is still around…being Hunter. Silly guy.

The knitting! Right, that’s what you came here to see.

Latest project I finished is Antrorse by Shannon Cook. I used Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal Worsted yarn which I might not suggest. It really grew after washing and as I wore it. But it is soft!!

Now, I’m working on the Comfort Fade Cardi. Omg – this thing is so pretty! I’ll take some pictures when I get a bit more into it, but I can’t wait to get this done and on my body!

Until the next time (not three years from now)!!

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