Busy, Busy!

by Amanda on June 19, 2006

in Yoda

I need more time in my weekends! This was one action packed weekend. Jeremy and I are taking golf lessons with another couple, and Friday was our first time out on the course. Ok, it was my first time out on the course. The others have done it before. I had been getting very frustrated with the lessons because I was THE beginner. I was a little apprehensive about this golf game thing. Well, V, our pro, allowed us to play best ball. My ball was used most of the time!! How cool is that?! After golf, we went to dinner and went to bed. I was exhausted.

Saturday Yoda and I got up pretty early and made a list of things to do. Father’s Day gifts needed to be bought and delivered (it was huge and heavy), deposit some things in the bank (yeah, money!), exchange a couple things, hit Joann’s sale, go to the Sweater Wizard Demonstration at Wool & Company, and do homework. Well, I got most of it done. Which means the homework wasn’t even looked at until Saturday night. Exciting, right?

I had never been to Wool & Company in Downtown Geneva before, but I loved it! The store is huge and full of fabulous yarns, and it is located right next door to the Fox Valley Winery Tasting Room. I told Jeremy that we will need to go to Geneva one weekend and check it all out.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and Jeremy and I hit the driving range in the morning. Then we were off to the Parthenon in Greektown for the best Greek food ever. If you are ever in Chicago, you should check it out. Home of the flaming Saganaki! Oopa! Then it was back home to do more homework and laundry.

All in all, I realized that I need to use some time management for the next 6 weeks if I am going to survive this class!

And for a little Yoda entertainment, since I can’t dazzle you with any knitting:

Which one is Yoda?
I think she lost her rear-wheel drive!

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lynette June 27, 2006 at 8:35 pm

those pictures are soooo cute!!

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