I need a 3 day weekend…

by Amanda on July 5, 2005

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…to recover from my 3 day weekend! Seriously, what a week! Last Thursday I was sent to Peoria to attend a business etiquette class. Not because I have horrid etiquette, but because it is a good class for a climber like me to have in her toolbox. Or that’s what they (I think they are my management) say. It was actually a really good class. About 12 hours of "dos" and "don’ts" was actually kind of fun. I met a lot of people I don’t normally have occasion with which to interact. And learned something along the way. For those of you interested, this is the company we had do our training. I recommend it.

Then I drove home from Peoria that night. The drive home was also an interesting experience. I have done it about a billion times–I could probably do it in my sleep. But a slight hiccup was thrown into the mix. A large traffic sign on I-39 indicated that we were all going to be re-routed because of an accident. So, we all followed each other off the interstate and through the country of Illinois. Now, I swear the sign said we were to be re-routed around the accident, not directly into it. IDOT, the smart organization it is, routed us directly passed a horrible accident where they were pulling people out of the ditch onto stretchers. And there were no signs on how to get back to the interstate. Luckily, I stopped an IDOT worker and asked for directions (just as he was packing up I might add). From there, I made it home no problem.

Friday was one of the hardest days to get back into the groove. I don’t think I ever did. I took an 1.5 hour lunch with the girls in communications and maybe got something done. But it was a 3 day weekend beginning! What could I have done?

We spent the entire weekend playing "catch up". I went grocery shopping for hours because we had NOTHING in out house to eat. We power-washed the patio to put out our new deck furniture. I’ll take some pics tonight. I was a bargain shopper and got our set for almost 50% off! I love me a good bargain! Then we played with Yodster. She was a little neglected after our crazy day!

Sunday we drove out to Oakbrook and ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Ummm, I really enjoyed the food. While I am not a cheesecake fan (blasphemy, I know), I really like the Chicken Salad and bowl of Strawberries I did eat. Then it was off to find a new couch and buy Jeremy’s mom a birthday gift. We found a couch!! Yippee! It is to be delivered on Friday, so I’ll get pics then. It was nice to find exactly what we were looking for rather quickly! The couch is our anniversary gift to each other. We needed it and wanted it, so we thought it worked out as a gift.

Then it was off to find a gift for the most impossible person to shop for in the world! Jeremy and I don’t fight about anything really, but by the time we left the mall we were ready to strangle each other. His mother is so difficult for which to find gifts. She doesn’t use the gift cards we buy, she doesn’t use the gifts we buy, and she likes gaudy jewelry (I refuse to buy that!). So what did we get her? A Jo-Ann’s gift card. She probably won’t use it, but we tried. And I found some pistachio CottonEase while there! Then I had to endure J’s family for a cookout. I am a person who is always (OK, 99% of the time) on time. If you say be there at 4 because we are eating at 4:30. I expect to eat at 4:30. Not his family. It was almost 6 before we ate, and that was after convincing his mom that we didn’t need the corn or the potatoes. We wanted to eat! Then we wanted to get out of there! We got home around 9 and I started doing laundry. Nice, huh?!

Monday was off to the furniture store to actually purchase the couch we found. Then off to my parent’s house for more food. One of my really good friends stopped to eat as well. We were all kind of dizzy from the Margaritas, but it was fun. Yoda was looking for Sammie. It was hard to explain it to her (she is a dog for crying out loud!)…But I think she’ll get it soon. We went home and I did more laundry while our neighbors tried to catch our house on fire with all the explosives they bought. And I thought fireworks were illegal in Illinois….

I hope I didn’t exhaust you with my looong weekend. I promise to have some knitting content and pictures tomorrow! I hope everyone had a good holiday!!

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