I thought I would be the first to have a primate…

by Amanda on February 22, 2008

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Fio The other day my mom told me she is a new grandma, and I was really confused. I definitely did not have a kid, and my sister didn’t look preggers the last time I saw her, and, if you want to go this far, Lillie has been fixed. So, I responded, "Huh?" See, my sister has been OBSESSED with Orangutan Island. I’ve been tivoing it, but have yet to actually sit down and watch it. Mostly because the first episodes I have, one of them dies. I don’t want to watch that…

Anyway, my sister decided that she was going to adopt an Orangutan in Borneo. It’s like one of those "Sally Struthers Save the Kids" things, but with Orangutans. Meet Fio. Isn’t she adorable?! She’s two years old and in Forest School learning all those important forest skills she needs to survive and be a good mommy. I think I have the cutest niece ever! Whosyourdoggie

We can’t let Yoda be overshadowed by the new "arrival" to our family, so here she is showing off her new shirt. While I was in Vegas I saw this in the Hooters gift shop and knew my pug would love it. Doesn’t she look totally fab?

And for those of you who actually come here to read about knitting, here is a shot of the first sleeve of the Knitscene sweater. Did I mention yet that I LOVE this yarn? I need to get some for Knitscenesleeve myself…ok, maybe after I use up what I already have.

This sleeve didn’t take very long and since I have the directions noted in my notebook, I don’t need to do the second one just yet. Instead, I decided to start on the neckline. I need to get the directions for that all written and then it’s on to the other sleeve. Then it’s math and editing time.

As I was heading into work this morning, I was thinking about this whole pattern thing. I am still flabbergasted that the first design I submitted to a magazine was accepted and that it will hopefully (there is still that chance that it won’t make the cut) be published this year! I think it just goes to show that thinking positively and really going after what you want pays off in the end. Will I ever have any other patterns published? I don’t know, but I’m pretty damn pleased with myself for having one. For everyone out there who wants to give it a shot, I say go for it…no matter what you want to do, think positively and just do it! (That sure sounds like a Nike commercial…)

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