I think America had a good birthday…

by Amanda on July 7, 2008

in Pismo Hat

Sox5 Ok, at least I felt that I celebrated America’s birthday well… But would you expect anything less?

It’s always a treat when the July 4th holiday falls on a Friday. That means three days of no work! And I managed to pack a lot of action into those three days. (Please forgive me if my English is less than stellar today…I’m still about 75% sleeping…)Sox30

The weekend was kicked off with a Chicago White Sox game on Thursday. My dad’s cousin (yes, that makes me her cousin, too) was celebrating her 65th birthday in the Diamond Suites at The Cell, so we were all invited. I decided to bring my awesome Canon Rebel with to see what kind of pictures I could get. And I LOVE my camera. The quick shutter gave me some cool sequence action shots. And because of where I was taking the pictures from, they are very clear and close. Even though the Sox lost, I was excited because AJ Pierzynski was playing. For some reason, every time I go to a game, he’s not playing…weird.

Boat Friday was visit #3 to the Taste. Yes, I went again. I even tried new things…but they weren’t what I would call a success. I think most of the new stuff I had, I dumped before finishing. But at least I tried it, right? The one thing I LOVED was the Nutella crepe. Mmmm…another reason to eat Nutella! After stuffing ourselves silly, again, and just Npamanda about the time the crowds started to get crazy, BFF and I walked over to Navy Pier. (side note: I feel that I can justify my massive Taste eating frenzy because each time I have walked several miles during the course of the day…so I probably worked off most of the calories. That’s my story, anyway.)

It was a gorgeous day to be on the Pier! I commented that it is July 4th and 75 degrees (F), and it’s usually 95 degrees (F) with 110% humidity! Awesome day for just chilling and enjoying the weather. I Nppalm took some pictures of boats, birds, and buildings. I didn’t use my awesome camera, but my point and shoot produced some good looking pics.

My plan was to meet some friends at Naperville’s Ribfest later that night to watch the fireworks, but I received a text when I was on my way that it was closed due to too many people. So, I turned around and went home. Yoda and I watched about 3 different town’s fireworks from the backyard, and even managed to watch a movie. As much as I wanted to see my friends, I was ok with just chilling out. It had been a long day in the city.

Saturday was a little more laid back than I am generally used to, but it was great. I ran around and did some errands and then headed to a cookout. It was nice to hang out, chat, and relax while eating (Boca) Burgers. That relaxing night made way for soPismo3me pool time at BFF’s on Sunday. I’m well on my way to Golden Goddess…

While I was sitting next to the pool, I pulled out my Pismo hat. I promptly was harassed, but I didn’t care…kept me out of trouble and occupied. I worked on it last night as well, and am to the crown decreasing…it’s moving so much faster than I anticipated it would. But remember that I wanted to originally make two, so we’ll see how that goes.

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