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by admin on August 3, 2012

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I promised that I would post some pictures of my FOs. Well, here you go! I have everything layered on my body double, and I just didn’t do that for funny sake. I actually have been putting everything on there as I finish it because it’s out of the way and nothing gets all messed up.

Body double looks like she’s trying to layer for the winter. And it’s close to 90 degrees outside!

In no particular order:

  • Ribbon
  • Vodka Lemonade
  • Tang #2
  • Fancy Cowl (my own pattern)
  • Stripey Hat (my own pattern)

Ribbon is still on there because I planned on doing a modeled shot soon. I need to get a photographer close to me in the city!

Over Ribbon is Vodka Lemonade. I finally finished that one. Then I made one square for the Great Aran Afghan. We all see how well that’s going…

Then I decided to make an over-sized Tang. I wanted to have a soft cuddly big sweater all ready for the winter.

The two accessories are patterns I’m working on writing up. They are not complicated, but I just haven’t sat down to write them down. Stay tuned!

Not pictured is the sleeve I finished on Ribby Pulli and the start of the second. I may finish that damn sweater some day.

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