I might move to the city…

by Amanda on May 26, 2008

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This was the weekend of being in the city. The funny thing is that I really haven’t been there for a while, so I was loving it. I seriously would consider moving there for a little bit so that I could really experience it. I’ve heard that people just fall in love with Chicago when living there.

Friday, after a spa day (ahhh), I went out for drinks and dinner. The first stop was Carnivale. This was a fun little place…We had drinks in the bar area, but poked our heads into the dining room. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland where everything was oversized….Huge mirrors on the walls, lights hanging, huge room. Then it was off to the Parthenon for some dinner….mmm….Saganaki, Spanikopita, Roditis…mmmm

Saturday, I got up early and got ready for a day in the city walking around. My friend Jenn and I toBeanok the train down and walked down Michigan Avenue. We went into some shops, and we fell in love with these shoes from Cole Haan. I may still go ahead and buy them….

It was suggested to us to visit the Signature Lounge on the 96th Floor of the Hancock Building. We had Lake
Shore Martinis and looked at the beautiful view. I would highly suggest it to anyone that has not been up there to go. You’ll have to wait in line at the elevator, but it’s totally worth it. Also, if you are a woman, visit the restroom. Believe it or not, the best view is from the window in the women’s restroom. (I felt a little weird taking pictures from the toilet, so you’ll have to just take my word for it!)

We also visited Millennium Park and played with infamous "Bean". The flower gardens were beautiful…great opportunity for awesome pictures.

On the way back to the train, we stopped at Garrett Popcorn and waited for-ev-er for caramel popcorn. I picked up both cheddar and caramel to take with me to the drive-in to see Indiana Jones tonight. When I told my friend that I got popcorn from there, he got so excited! I’ve never heard a grown person get so excited about popcorn, but it is good stuff.

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robin May 27, 2008 at 4:37 pm

You should move to the city! The suburbs (especially the farther-out suburbs) can be a bit bizarre even for a couple without kids – I imagine for a newly single person it would be even weirder. The only thing is that the (reverse) commute, if you had one, would suck. But everything could change!

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