I love the Mailman!

by Amanda on October 23, 2007

in Gucci, Yarn

I came home yesterday unaware that the mailman was so nice to me. And for the record, I think I have a female mailman. Yes, I said mailman…old habits die hard.

Anyway, in addition to those yucky bills and such, I was greeted at my front door by a soft squishy package – yarn! The yarn for the real Gucci Sweater arrived. I also had a few balls in there for a scarf/hat for my grandmother, and one ball to swatch for a friend. I didn’t take any pictures yet…but the mahogany is the perfect match to the magazine color. I am so excited! I want to cast on right now, but I first need to finish the first sweater.

Gucciedited See, I have everything but the sleeves done. I decided to sew the shoulder seems together and do the double breasted neck trim. The first iteration was close, but not quite what I wanted. I had added button holes for all the buttons, but after seeing the shape of the sweater and looking at the picture more, I realized the two buttons on your left looking at the picture were not functional but more decoration. So, I pulled out my handy crochet hook and got rid of those button holes. The next thing to tackle was the bind-off. I usually have no problem with how tight it is…but this time it was way too tight. So, I decided to use needles about 4 times bigger to help me out. I think it worked like a charm. I have a couple more details to work out with that part and then it’s on to the sleeves.

Not only did the mailman bring the yarn, but she also dropped off my sister’s birthday gift. I thought I wasn’t going to see the gift until November! Yesterday was a good mail day.

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