I love endorphins

by Amanda on May 13, 2008

in Fitted Knits - Drop-Stitch Tank, Yoda

Yodapinkbed Well, folks, the school semester is winding down. In fact, I have my last class ever tomorrow night. I completed my portion of the last project on Friday, so I’ve been pretty free of school stress. I have been feeling a little down about the state of some other things in my life, but I had a great workout yesterday. I’ve never really felt that post workout high. I think I’m usually pretty happy, so maybe I just don’t get beyond that, but yesterday I felt awesome after my workout. I felt like I could conquer the world! Those endorphins really were the ticket and a great pick me up.

I had some time last night, so I popped in P.S. I Love You and picked up the knitting. I just knew that the minute I actVneck6ually sat down to watch that movie, I would turn into a blubbery mess. Oh, and that happened, but it was a great movie. It’s based on a book that I have been told is wonderful, so I’ll have to pick that up and read it. I even got some knitting done on the Drop Stitch Tank. A couple more nights of movies, knitting, and cuddly Yoda, and I will be done with the back. Then it’s just a little finishing!

In my post workout high, I went to Target for a couple things and ended up getting Yoda another bed. She’s had one that’s been ‘broken’ for a while now, and I just got sick of picking up stuffing off the floor, so I threw it away. This one is fun, pink, and totally Yoda. Doesn’t she look like she loves it?

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robin May 13, 2008 at 4:37 pm

Love Yoda’s bed!! Sorry some things aren’t going so good lately – but what a great feeling to be DONE with school. Heck, it even feels good to be going to my last class of my 2nd to last semester tonight!!

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