I just couldn’t change the battery…

by Amanda on September 21, 2007

in Electronics

Newtoy Well, my pink Razr died. It’s been acting weird for the last month or so, and I thought that maybe I would just need to buy a new battery. It worked for other items

This was, however, not the case. My phone just stopped working, so after going a day without my phone, I decided I NEEDED a new phone. Now, I will say I always Yodamakeup thought that I didn’t need my phone, but I felt very anxious without it. I was going to a new place, and was afraid I would get really lost and need to call someone. Instead, I had to rely on my awesome sense of direction, and it worked out ok. But that sense of security…I needed that.

So, I decided to bite the bullet and get a Crackberry. This is the new 8830 World Edition model. I even have the unlock code so I can get a SIM card for when I travel outside the US. And I now understand how people can become addicted to this thing! It’s so much fun!

Yoda is afraid I might need an intervention…

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robin September 21, 2007 at 12:25 pm

Love the Crackberry! I am totally addicted to mine. Gmail has an application you can download for it to check that mail easily…

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