I heart Summer

by Amanda on June 30, 2008

in Pismo Hat

Amandabar_louieForget NY (sorry to anyone that lives there, but I really gotta be strong on this one!), I heart Chicago, too! There is just so much going on that I just don’t know how to pick! Jennbar_louie

This weekend started on Thursday this week. My friend Jenn and I went to a Lymphoma and Lukemia Society Bachelor Auction at the Bar Louis in Naperville. Originally, we went just  to check it out, but it was a lot of fun. Neither of us walked away with any guys, but we met some really nice people, had a couple drinks, and tons of laughs! Here we are showing off our "Raffle Tickets". This was a fun concept–they sold playing cards and then ripped off a corner of them as the ticket. We had both the Queen of Hearts and the Ace of Hearts. I would say those should be good luck for a bachelor auction!

Pismo2 Friday I had some appointments that I had to take care of in the city, so I jumped on the train. I even knit on the train! I decided that if I had a commute where I could take the train, I would have way more knitting done than I do now. It’s dedicated knitting time! Look at what a little time gets me– two inches done on the first Pismo Hat! I just gotta keep that momentum going…

Friday night I relaxed on the patio at Potter’s Place in Naperville with a margarita, and then migrated to Jimmy’s for a Summer Shandy (mmm…can’t go wrong there!). For dinner I visited my first Japanese Steak Restaurant called Kiku. The food was fantastic and the chef was entertaining. I recommend the scallops…mmmm….Then it was off to the Roundhouse to see Hairbangers Ball, and 80’s tribute hair band. Taste2They were pretty good, and got me thinking about back in the day…yeah, I was around in the 80s!! I even remember LPs…Oakstreet2

Saturday I got up and went to the Taste with Jenn! We stuffed ourselves on yummy food (here I am with some gelato), and then walked to the Oak Street Beach. The worst part was that the sun was shining the entire time we were walking, but once we got the beach, it was nothing but clouds. Then is started to rain, so we called it a day. I did think about seeing Mike and Joe again that night, but I was wiped out!

Sunday I actually worked all day so that I can play Monday night at the Sox game!

I heart Chicago in the Summer!

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Robin June 30, 2008 at 11:42 am

Looks like a fun, action-packed weekend!

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