I don’t wanna go…

by Amanda on January 2, 2008

in Yarn

Cottonfleecehaul So, I’m back at work today. Tons of fun, let me tell you. I was enjoying not having to really do anything while at home. Ahhh, to be independently wealthy. We can all dream, right?

So, I hit Fringe again this weekend. I had every intention of just buying some Encore for some baby stuff (after the whole Walmart experience, I thought at least I can talk to knitters about knitting stuff), but ended up stocking up on some Cotton Fleece, as well. They didn’t have nearly the colors they had the last time I was there, but they still had some good ones. I figure that I have enough Winter yarn on hand, so I should have some Summer/Spring, too.

This is it guys! No more yarn until this is gone and my to do list is complete. I need to stick to my budget, and that should be pretty easy now that I have tons of pretty yarns to use up. I also don’t seem to be cranking out sweaters quite as quickly as I used to, so this should last a while. I guess if I were smart, I would work on Summer sweaters now so that I can wear them and vice versa with the Winter sweaters. That is if I were smart!

Colors above: Pink-a-boo, Perry’s Primrose, Banana, Lime Light, and Berry


delia January 2, 2008 at 11:38 am

I hear yah about being back at work. I almost killed my alarm clock this morning!!!

robin January 2, 2008 at 4:51 pm

LOL at independently wealthy – yeah, not happening anytime soon! And I don’t want to switch with Jim and have housecleaning/maintenance duty – I’d actually rather work!
Good idea about knitting spring/summer sweaters now – maybe I will start that – in about a month or so. There’s too many winter sweaters I want to make though.

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