Happy Thanksgiving…

by admin on November 20, 2012

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OMG! It’s been months! I have been so busy with work and everything else that I totally haven’t found time to blog. But I have been knitting and sewing it up!

Without further ado, please say hi to the Gramps Cardigan. I bought this pattern during my quick trip to Stitches Midwest. I even brought the boy to it. He had no idea the marketplace would be so big! He’s been in the LYS (he’s the official gift certificate purchaser for his family), but he had no idea. He watched some knitting machines, spinning wheels, and grown women fight over sale yarn. It was quite a culture shock for him!

Anyway, I knit the Gramps Cardigan with some stash Cascade 220. It’s a pretty easy knit and moved very quickly once I actually worked on it. I was able to complete an arm per day, so that’s not too bad!

I think I want to rip out the button band and add one more button closer to the shawl collar. I thought the 7 buttons would do it, but it seems to flop open in that area a bit too much for my liking. Otherwise, I really like it.

And now time for the gratuitous pug shot! Here is Hunter modeling his “Bad Dog” outfit. He gets to wear it when we find presents in the house…


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