Green as Grass

by Amanda on August 18, 2011

in Baby Blanket, Baby Gifts

Blanket1 The (not so new anymore) boy’s sister is having a baby. She and her husband refuse to find out the sex of the baby before hand. This makes my life very difficult. You all know how much I LOVE pink, so if I can have the joy of using bright pink yarn to knit something it makes the experience that much better! However, I have decided to go with green.

Grass Green.

And you know what? I actually kind of like it. I think it’s the brightness of it that I really like.

I’ll be honest, the pattern is a little boring to knit, but it does look good. And it’s reversible. I like this yarn, too. It’s Berroco’s Comfort DK, a nice acrylic and nylon blend. Nice and soft and MACHINE washable. Very important for baby items.

I was a little worried about getting it done in time (Nov 13 is the shower), but I’m already half done. I have no idea how that happened. Perhaps I’ll need to go ahead and knit a sweater or something to go with it. God knows I’ll have enough yarn left over. And who wouldn’t want their kid to look like Kermit T. Frog?!

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