Good Bye, January!

by Amanda on January 31, 2005

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Today is the last day of January…I hope it takes its snow storms and extremely cold weather with it…A girl can hope, can’t she?

Going back to school really cuts into knitting time. There was about 7 hours this weekend I did homework instead of knitting. Boo. Guess I’ll have to keep telling myself that when I am done I could be making more $$ to buy yarn with…


I worked on the Here and There Cables scarf. Almost done. I have one ball of yarn left and then I am done with the knitting. There is still the weaving and blocking, but that is minor. Next I think I need a hat. How did I manage to get through the winter so far without a hat? No idea. Maybe that hood that is attached to my coat helped…

“The Thing” is mostly done. I’ll have to finish it up and take pictures. The next step is a “Son of a Thing”. All that means is a custom sweater for myself. Hmm…But there is still Klaralund and possibly Mariah…

Speaking of Mariah, I think I am going to wait to cast on. I’ll wait to see what the finished ones look like and then decide if I want to do it. That’s the safest thing to do. Don’t worry, the yarn will not go to waste! Besides, at the rate I am going with school, it would take me a year to get it finished. Maybe I should stick with small projects for a while.

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