Gift Knitting

by Amanda on January 6, 2012

in Gifts, Slippers

SlippersI almost forgot that I made something else for gifts this holiday season! The Boyfriend’s mom really like knitted slippers. Last year I saw her taking a bunch from his grandmother’s house and I mentioned that I could make her some. Well, the year came and went, but my intention was to always make her slippers for Christmas.

Since I knew these would be a snap to make, I waited until December to start on them. Then I got ambitious and decided there would be three pairs! The first two sets were pretty easy, but then I started traveling for work (3 weeks in a row) and I didn’t have the time to get the slippers done and washed. But I think the Ghost of Christmas Present helped me get that one last pair done.

These are all done in Cascade 220 – Pink and Black; White and (Tiffany) Blue; Black and White. You can get about 2 pairs out of the 2 hanks of yarn. I started to cut it close, but used some creative knitting to get the yarn to work out almost perfectly.

The Boyfriend talked to his mom the other night and she said she LOVES her slippers. Hmm…I might have to rethink the selfish knitter thing…

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