“Everything Zen…I don’t think so”

by Amanda on October 4, 2007

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***Warning: Cranky rant below!***

I was driving home from class last night and heard that Bush song, and thought, "Wow! That’s appropriate right now." See, last night turned into a bit of a challenge….

I had class, so I stopped to get food from Wendy’s (I know, not healthy…but I had a plain baked potato and side salad). Then I headed to class, and stopped in the food cafe at the school to ‘doctor up’ my potato. Then I headed to the room to eat and do some work….

Three hours later I am getting ready to leave class, and I cannot find my keys. They are no where to be found! But I had to have them…I got to the damn place…they are somewhere in the…The cafe! Well, this cafe closes well before classes are over, so I decided that if keys were found, they would be turned into security.

So, security confirmed they were found, but were still in the cafe. After about 30 minutes of ripping this place apart, they were still not found. After some searching for a contact number (why they didn’t have it is beyond me), they were able to contact the owners to confirm they were left next to the register.

Um, I hate to be difficult, but no, they weren’t. So, I had to call home and have my spare brought out to me. The drive from school to home is about 45 minutes – hour one way….let’s just say everyone at my house was a little cranky last night and still into today.

Now, I am not disputing that I lost my own keys. I take full responsibility for my stupidity. BUT why the hell didn’t the security guy take the keys when they tried to turn them in?! I’m frustrated here…however, there still may be hope! I am hoping my keys were locked in the cash register and not taken by someone…I should know soon after a quick phone call when the building opens.

I just don’t feel like changing all the locks on my house and ordering new keys/fobs for my car right now…call me crazy! Not to mention today is "sign the papers day…" Talk about stress!

Edited to Add: I called and no keys…argh!

***End of Cranky Rant ***

Hoping everyone is having a better week than me!


robin October 4, 2007 at 3:47 pm

Oh that sucks!! I’m sorry to hear about that. Hopefully the keys turn up!! It’s weird that they said they were by the register and then they weren’t.

ann October 5, 2007 at 11:37 am

that really sucks. I hope you have gotten them back by now. ergh!

Carrie October 6, 2007 at 9:41 am

I feel your pain on the lost keys. I hope you’ve found them since your post.
Divorce brain as I call it is a tough one. Personally…I left my debit card in the ATM just as I was hitting the road to drive from Mass to Virginia to visit family. I did have enough cash for the trip and the card was reissued…but nonetheless it was a hastle and I felt like an idiot!
Well, I’m nine years down the road from that night and trust me…things do get better.
Hang tough and know your not alone.

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