Dr. Evil?

by Amanda on July 21, 2004

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This morning I jaunted over to Melissa’s blog and saw this fun Harry Potter Quiz…I am Hermione! I probably could have guessed that!

Which HP Kid Are You?

So you are probably wondering why the title today is Dr. Evil and I am talking about Harry Potter. Well, the other day when I took Yoda to the vet, I was holding her and she got all excited. The one paw that had clipped nails scratched my face. It got my left eye and down my face (I told her we were even). Now I look like Dr. Evil. Hopefully it doesn’t scar–it doesn’t look like it, but I need to be careful when I wash my face and stuff.

I finished the Football Widow last night. It was strange that the directions said to pick up 30 stitches around the neck and there were way more–closer to 42. So I did the 42 and knitted my ribbing turtleneck. I still think I need to do a little more blocking or at least wash it so the wool fluffs a bit.

I also worked on the two circular method for in the round. Amie said that it is easy, and boy was she right!! At first I thought I was doing it wrong since it was that easy, but low and behold a small tube emerged. I used more stitched to practice than is needed for the Booga Bag i-cord, so tonight I tackle that!!

In other news: Jeremy is expecting job offer number 3. I hope he gets this one because it is for a national company for a significant amount of money more than he is being offered already. There is a slight commute involved, but after a year or two we might think about moving a little more in the middle for both of us. So, since he gave Washington Mutual his two weeks and they are not asking him to work (free money!!), he is going to finish painting the craft room!! I’ll have to get pics tonight so everyone can see the pretty blue. It is weird how everything sort of comes together in the end….

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caramelknits July 21, 2004 at 3:39 pm

I’m sorry to hear about your face, but think of all the possibilities! You can now call up Mr. Bush and request “one MILLION dollars! Mwoo-HAA-HAA-HA!” tee-hee

I think I may need to learn the 2 circular method. Do you think it’d work for those Weekend Knitting washcloths? My guess is that it will, so I’d better brush up…

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