The light I call Sizzle

by Amanda on January 28, 2009

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Alright, I've complained about the Chic Cowl a little bit and how it's just too….too. That's all I've got, people. Anyway, Saturday I had to go into work for a code release, and it's not really a work day, so I could bring in some knitting. Since I have been leery of actually ripping the Cowl, I decided to start a different project. So, I cast on for Sizzle. I'm using Tess' Designer Yarns Cascade Silk Worsted weight in a lovely pink color.

I can't remember how much this yarn cost at Stitches, but what ever it was, it was worth it! It's so soft and nice. It knits up stockinette really nicely and I bet it would be great with cables. And I've been flying on my Addi Turbos with it. Flying so much, in fact, that I am almost done with the back.

Amanda, why are you making a sleevless shirt in the middle of the worst winter Chicago has seen in years? Well, I'm hoping that this will be done for my trip to Florida in February. Since I am turning 30(!) this year, and since it's so freaking cold and miserable here, BFF and I are heading to sunny Florida for an extended weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day and my Big Birthday. I figure that going from below zero temps to 70s will make sleeveless very appealing. And it's a pretty sexy little sweater! What is a better way to celebrate turning 30 than with a sexy little number like that?


Fly Honey January 29, 2009 at 5:25 pm

A sexy little sweater is a must for the big 3-0!!! My middle bro will be 30 as well in June. Hope your trip is wonderful! ^_^

Robin January 30, 2009 at 1:24 pm

Sounds like a great plan. I have some cream colored Tess Cascade Silk that I bought at Stitches – about 700 yards, I think – you’ve given me a good idea for it!

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