Do I wear a sign that says “talk to me”?

by Amanda on December 30, 2007

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Mapofalaska I have this thing. I don’t know what to call it, but people strangers seem to always feel compelled to carry on conversations with me. Not just chit chat like "oh, what a lovely top. Where did you get that?" Life conversations. I pretty much end up knowing way too much about strangers by the time I leave a store. I’m not complaining, I am usually just confused about why/how it happens. The latest was a very perplexing conversation in Walmart:

I have been commissioned to make quite a few baby items for pending births. While in Walmart contemplating the acrylic choices in front of me, a little old man walking down a main aisle asked if I was going to knit or something. So I answered him yes (I think part of my problem is that I am nice to these strangers that just come up to me…maybe I need to learn to be not so nice…). He said, "They do that a lot in Europe. You’re not from Europe are you? Sprechen Sie Deustsch?" And almost automatically I answered, "Ja, ich verstehe Deutsch." Damn, that’s immediately what I thought. So this little old man told me in German that he was from Slovakia, and then moved to Austria, and then to Germany. He switched to English to ask me if I have ever been to Alaska. Huh? "No, I have never been to Alaska," I answered. He continued, "I went from Germany to Illinois to Alaska to Arizona to Illinois to Long Island and back to Illinois. (Is it disturbing to anyone else that I remembered all that?) You should take a private tour of Alaska. I recommend it. It’s so beautiful in July."

So, the little old man recommends a visit to Alaska. Sometimes I wonder if the universe it talking to me through these strangers. Perhaps it’s time to look into a visit to Alaska…


robin December 30, 2007 at 8:24 pm

I don’t know what it is about people talking about Alaska lately – no kidding, there have been about five conversations on the topic around me in the last two weeks! And I’ve never been there either.
When I was at the dr’s office the other day, I was working on my knitting and this guy says, “You’re way too young to be working on that.” I replied (I also tend to be wayyy too nice to people who start conversations with me), “Well, knitting has become much more popular with younger people now.” He then asked me if I learned in high school, and I said, no, I didn’t, I just learned a few years ago. He then proceeds to say, “Oh, I thought you were in high school now!!!” I said, um, no, I’m 35 – and gave him this look, like – COME ON. So maybe I should walk around wearing no makeup and sweatpants all the time and people will think I’m 17.

Alicia December 31, 2007 at 3:21 pm

I have the SAME problem. It never fails, whenever I go grocery shopping by myself I end up with someone talking to me at extent about something. I guess I’m too nice and them also, but I have had multiple follow me through the store while I’m shopping to continue the discussion.
I keep looking, and I haven’t seen a sign on my forehead either.

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