Did you see those Bears?

by Amanda on September 19, 2005

in Chicago Bears

It’s big news in Chicago when the Bears can beat a team by 32 points. That hasn’t happened since 1986. Seriously. Chicago seems to be in a sports dry spell. Not since the Bulls have we really had a winning team. The Sox are one their way…maybe. But this could be a good year for the Bears. Being that I grew up watching the Bears every weekend and then started attending games when my dad got season tickets, I think I have some basis for comparison. I feel that Kyle Orton has had the break of his life and he is going to show everyone that Mr. Grossman is not going to take this starting position away from him. And if he does this well every week, I don’t think that should happen. I am also very impressed by Thomas Jones and Mike Brown. Seriously some good players here. Let’s just hope they stay healthy.

So, enough of the football talk. I had said that I thought the argyle would get done this weekend. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Since Cynthia and the straights are killing me, I put her aside and cast on for a Black CE cardigan. The pattern I am using is "A Craving to Knit" from the Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits. I know that a lot of people hate this book, but I really think the patterns have some nice classic style and are quick to complete. I would be interested to take a peak into their next book. No pics today, but I did finish the back and the left front. Pretty quick, don’t you think?

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Jill September 19, 2005 at 7:21 pm

Why are you kidding yourself? They’re the Bears. You will probably beat up on my team since they’re struggling this year but GO GREEN BAY!!

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