Denise Needles and socks

by Amanda on March 1, 2005

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I love my Denise Needles. I really do–I have 2 sets. Only thing is I have broken 2 cables in the short amount of time I have had them. I think one of the sets may have defective needles, but I don’t know what set that is AND I am sure all my cables are mixed up by now. I sent in the first needle and they replaced it for me, but the downtime of waiting for the cord can really put a damper on getting things done. Hmpf!

So, while I wait for my new cable, I picked up some sock yarn in my basket and have so far turned it into this:

Simple Sock

Closeup of yarn pattern

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jillz March 2, 2005 at 4:57 am

The sock is looking good! I like the pattern in that one.

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