And now I am raccoon free

by Amanda on September 30, 2008

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Chichoodie3Did I mention that I had raccoons living in my roof? I can’t remember if I did…too much has been going on lately. Anyway, about a month ago, I caught the first one by hiring Critter Control. They put a trap on the roof near the holes that the raccoons created themselves with some goodies in it, and viola! I had caught a raccoon. They took it away and did some temporary closing of the holes. Well, the holes were reopened by another little raccoon friend, so another trap was put out.

That time I caught a squirrel, and we closed up the holes permanently. Marty at Critter Control told me to give him a call if I heard anything more. I’m sure you all can tell where this is going…Friday morning I was awoken to the scratching and frustrated screaming  of a raccoon who could not get back into his happy unpaid for home. The screaming part was actually a little funny….Imagine how you get frustrated and yell… So, Marty came back out yesterday and set the trap with the yummies in it. This morning I woke up very early to the sounds of a frustrated (yes, screaming, too) raccoon trying to break out of the trap.  Marty is on his way to pick him up, and hopefully I am raccoon free! Let’s hope…


So, knitting–Here is the Chic Hoodie to the point where I need to put the sleeves on waste yarn. It’s an easy knit and is looking pretty nice. I am doing the lace version, which has lace down the sleeves, and I am debating if I really want to put lace on the sleeves. I’m thinking I might like it without since the lace starts partially down the sleeve instead of at the top, but have the front lace and the hood lace.

I am also plugging away on the Something Black and just began the ribbing. I would have taken a picture, but really, how many black blobby pics do you really need to see?

Lastly, BFF and I went on an Odyssey Brunch cruise this weekend. We were trying to target a weekend when there would be sun, but we failed. I kinda knew it would happen because all the weekends we passed on were bright and pretty. It’s just odds…But it worked out. The weather made for a night relaxing, cozy brunch. The food was really good and the scenery was, as always, exceptional.


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robin October 1, 2008 at 10:51 am

I love those Odyssey cruises. I did a brunch one and a midnight one before and they were both fun.

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