Chic Hoodie Update

by Amanda on November 13, 2008

in Basic Chic Hoodie, Yoda

I think I have second sleeve syndrome. I hate finishing sleeves, but yet, I love long sleeves. Ironic, I know. But I’ve been plugging away on the Chic Basic Hoodie, and I hope to be finished with it completely by the weekend. I just need to get me some Busyyoda
buttons, a half a sleeve, and I’ll be done. Now that I’m moving along on the second sleeve, it’s really not that bad, but getting enthusiastic about it was a chore.

I think the winter weather is slowing everyone down just a bit…Today I was looking out the window at work wondering what happened to the city. It looked as if someone erased it! Who can really manage energy in that kind of weather?

Yoda really has not been excited about anything but her new bone!

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robin November 13, 2008 at 11:57 am

I always procrastinate on sleeves – usually when I finish the body on a sweater, that’s when I send the sweater to a bag and start another project. The thing is, the sleeves are really quick to knit once you get going – i don’t know why I put it off either.

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