Just a typical Sunday…

by Amanda on October 6, 2008

in Yoda

Ok, maybe not that typical. There was a Bears and Sox game on in October, so that is very a-typical. Since the Sox were down 2 games in the series, we decided to pull out the magical bandanna that got us through the World Series a few years ago. But the Bears have been in […]

Because it sure feels like it out there! We’ve been having some rainy, cold weather so far this week. I was able to wear a sweater to work…that’s crazy! So the weekend was good…somehow the Bears managed to win against the Colts. (You know I like both teams, so I’m not sad either way…) BFF […]


by Amanda on July 10, 2008

in Ribby Pulli, Yoda

Yeah, so I picked up the Ribby Pulli again. I started on the first sleeve and I’m not sure how much I’m liking it. I followed the directions, but instead of 2×2 ribbing, I’m going to have some weirdness because of how it’s all working out. I’m thinking I might just rip it out and […]

Yoda Time

by Amanda on June 23, 2008

in Yoda

So, to distract you all from the fact that I have not knit a stitch at all in the last week, I’m going to show off Yoda pictures. I decided to take Friday off so that I could, well, do anything I damn well wanted. It was a beautiful week, and it was so hard […]

Well, folks, the school semester is winding down. In fact, I have my last class ever tomorrow night. I completed my portion of the last project on Friday, so I’ve been pretty free of school stress. I have been feeling a little down about the state of some other things in my life, but I […]

Hmm…so I was doing my hair and makeup this morning, and heard this weird noise coming from Yoda sitting behind me. I turned around, and I think she was eating, or at least tasting, my Cole Haan shoe! I have never had a problem with her eating shoes before this…apparently, she knows and like quality. […]

Spring Cleaning

by Amanda on March 31, 2008

in Fitted Knits-Cozy V-Neck Pullover, Yoda

This weekend I got the Spring Cleaning bug. I cleaned slats on my blinds…who does that besides Martha? I’m not 100% done with my cleaning, but I made a good dent. I felt so productive. Speaking of productive, I also knit over the weekend. I finished the body of the V-Neck Pullover and am quite […]

Blog School

by Amanda on March 27, 2008

in Fitted Knits-Cozy V-Neck Pullover, Yoda

I have a friend that I met at school who has decided to enter the world of blogging. Last night before my last midterm of my MBA career, I met with him to go over the fine points of blogging. Ok, maybe not the fine points, but the fun points. And I told him some […]

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I am thinking all the Leprechauns are going to be out and about. So, I taught Yoda how to hunt them. She’s going to pounce on them and lick them until I get home to steal their gold. I blame my rich imagination on my mom. When I was […]

Don’t Feed the Pugs

by Amanda on March 14, 2008

in Yoda

Here we have a pug in her natural habitat. When the snow melts, and the temperature rises, the door opens for the pug to watch her domain…the front yard. Ok, that was my attempt at narrating sort of like Animal Kingdom or one of those wild animal shows. We have been having absolutely amazing weather […]