So, I did it. I caved. I said I was only going to work on things that are on my side bar, well, in addition to my paper for my Germany class. But I went to this sewing/yarn store near work to pick up some things for the Amy Butler Cabo Halter, and I decided […]

Yoda Yarn

by Amanda on August 15, 2006

in Yarn

So, this is the alpaca I bought at Midwest Stitches. It is $44 a pound and is put up in approximately half a pound hanks. You can buy it here, if you are interested. I bought color 111. But I think it looks like Yoda (the dog, not the green Muppet), so this is my […]

The Consumer Wins!

by Amanda on July 7, 2006

in Yarn

Well, folks, I think it’s happened. I think Knit Picks has really ignited the revolution. Yesterday I received my Valley Yarns catalog. I knew Webs has this line of yarn, but it looks like they are going to market the heck out of it. The catalog showcased their direct from the mill yarns and patterns […]

Almost a Sweater

by Amanda on November 8, 2005

in Bulky Sweater, Yarn, Yoda

I have been finishing up the bulky cabled sweater. I have it all sewed up and the neck is being knit. Funny thing about this sweater is that it looks totally small in the picture, right. Just wait until you see it on me. It’ll work for sitting around the house in the winter when […]

Ode to Orange

by Amanda on October 12, 2005

in Yarn

Did I ever mention that I am obsessed with orange? Seriously. I think it was all those years of cheering on the Bears. Then my high school colors were navy and orange. Then there is the Illini. I think Orange should be the official color of the state of Illinois. So, what is an orange […]

Mmmm, soft

by Amanda on October 11, 2005

in Patterns, Yarn, Yoda

Today is my final for my marketing class. Yippee!! Just wanted to let you all know why I haven’t written back to comments and why I haven’t been posting quite so frequently. Just wanted to let you know. Well, while I was supposed to be studying, I decided to hit the yarn store. It’s been […]

Warning!! Tons of Pictures

by Amanda on June 22, 2005

in sewing, Yarn

Ok, so I was kind of busy this weekend. My goal was to finish the SitcomChic. Which I did. Sort of. I needed some supplies to do it properly, so I hit Joann Fabrics. They must of been having a killer sale because I got some great deals: Three balls of Cherry Cotton-Ease for $1.50/each! […]

What the F*%&

by Amanda on June 16, 2005

in Sitcom Chic, Yarn

Dear Yarn Manufacturers,I am very disappointed in all of you. First I hear that Lion Brand is discontinuing their Cotton-Ease yarn. This is one of Lion Brand’s most versatile and popular yarns (at least judging by knit-bloggers). It is economical and very nice with which to work. Lion Brand, did you ever think that maybe […]

Pugs and Yarn

by Amanda on June 13, 2005

in Yarn, Yoda

Here is Yoda checking out what is going on at the Dining Room table. Our ‘greatroom’ is setup so that the table is right behind the couch. She sits backwards on the couch trying to see what is on the table. I guess it is better than having her beg at our feet while we […]

Really? I thought this was a knitting blog! So I do have some knitting related pictures and updates. First, if you have noticed on my side-bar, I have signed up for Sockapal-2-za. It looked like a fun quick semi-quick thing with which to get involved. And just in time for knitting socks, I found this […]