Knit and Tonic – Sizzle

I finished Sizzle, but not without a little drama…I wanted to work on it Saturday at the Knit in Bar (KIB) that Robin had put together. And I did sew about half a seam after I got there and ordered a fantastic drink, but things quickly changed after about being there 15 minute. My phone […]

Sizzle is HOT!

by Amanda on February 3, 2009

in Knit and Tonic - Sizzle, Wendy Bernard

I am moving along on Sizzle. I have to be. I just realized that I only really have like 5 good days of knitting time left before I leave for Florida (or FLA as BFF likes to say). Eek! Good thing this is the front and I am moving along on it at a good […]

Alright, I've complained about the Chic Cowl a little bit and how it's just too….too. That's all I've got, people. Anyway, Saturday I had to go into work for a code release, and it's not really a work day, so I could bring in some knitting. Since I have been leery of actually ripping the […]