Damn, I suck

by admin on January 8, 2019

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I had really good intentions of keeping up with the blog. I really did…but I suck and didn’t keep up at all. Not one bit. With Ravelry, Facebook, and Instagram I’ve been keeping track of my knitting projects there and don’t even think to post them here. I’m also not designing, so there is not […]

  I have had the Blooming Cotton Scarf languishing in my WIP pile since 2009. 2009!!! I would start it, but then have to rip. 400 stitches is a lot. I would always be off somehow. Or I would twist my stitches when joining in the round. So I would rip again. I finally have up for […]

New Sewing Project

by admin on April 10, 2013

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I’m kind of taking this sewing thing seriously. So seriously I bought some fabric to make a coat. Eeek! Who makes a coat?! Um, guess I am. Anyway, the Robson Coat is the newest pattern over at Sewaholic. What’s weird is that I thought to myself that it’s too advanced for me. Then Mood mysteriously […]

Hey, I know it’s been a bit since I told you all about my new sewing toys, but I have been using them! Seriously. These pictures are not the best, but they are what I have at the moment. The weather should be improving soon, so I hope to get pictures of me actually in […]

Happy Thanksgiving…

by admin on November 20, 2012

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OMG! It’s been months! I have been so busy with work and everything else that I totally haven’t found time to blog. But I have been knitting and sewing it up! Without further ado, please say hi to the Gramps Cardigan. I bought this pattern during my quick trip to Stitches Midwest. I even brought […]

Since I decided to start the Ribby Pulli. You have all heard about it incessantly. IT’S FINALLY DONE! Really, it is. See the picture over there on the left? So, I decided to go with the scoop neck. I do think I need to rip out the ribbing and go down several size needles to […]

Stitches Midwest

by admin on August 1, 2012

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I just realized that Stitches Midwest is next weekend! I did not sign-up for any classes, but I was thinking about hitting up the market. Craftsy (my new bestest friend) has a coupon for 50% off Market Admission. I printed it out just in case I decide to actually drive out to Schaumburg. Maybe I’ll […]

So, um, yeah

by admin on July 31, 2012

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Damn! I had no idea it’s been a while since I last posted…oops! Anyway, I have been knitting. I have FOs galore. I have, however, not taken any pictures of them or any modeled pictures. I think I’m getting lazy. Remember the ChicKnits Ribby Pulli? I’ve only been working on it since 2007. Well, I […]

Blog Tech Update

by admin on February 2, 2012

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Hi, everyone! I hope you like the look of my new blog. There are still some things that need to be changes/updated/etc, but I’m getting there. I think it’s enough done that I can start using it. Not only did I change my look, I’ve changed platforms. I used to be on Typepad, but I’ve […]

To Shawl or Not to Shawl….

by Amanda on August 30, 2011

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My roommate from last year is getting married in February and we are having a shower for her in November. I was wondering if I should knit her a wedding shawl for her to wear at the (anticipated) very cold wedding. I was thinking that I could work on something to give her by her […]