San Francisco – 2009

San Francisco – Day 4 & 5

by Amanda on October 12, 2009

in San Francisco - 2009

Day 4 So, the last full day we were in San Fran, we decided to do a City Tour. Backwards, huh?! Well, it was a pretty good tour to round out the weekend. After not throwing our boarding pass in the trash and dumping coffee on it, we boarded the bus for a 3 hour […]

Ok, so I just realized that half of day two was cut off! San Francisco – Day 2 con't After watching the bellhop having a hard time hailing a cab, we managed to finally get into one. This cabbie was a little impatient. It's not like there is the same amount of traffic in San […]

San Francisco – Day 1

by Amanda on October 7, 2009

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My sister and I left last Thursday for San Francisco directly after work. I took the Orange Line to Midway while my mom called me about 80 times to make sure I was on the right train. I wasn't sure at first, but after I heard "This is the Orange Line to Midway" about 20 […]