Frost Diamonds Shawl

At Least I can say I did one once

by Amanda on November 3, 2011

in Frost Diamonds Shawl

Well, the Frost Diamonds Shawl is complete. It looks pretty and all that stuff, but honestly, it’s not my thing. The Boyfriend just looked at it and said, “All that work!” I had to force myself to actually work on it. I’m not sure if it was because it was a gift or because I […]

…and so does the Rocky Coast Cardigan. I finished the right arm and did not do any decreases because of the known snugness. I was told that I look like a vagabond when I tried it on with one sleeve completed and one sleeve still in progress. Can’t please everyone, I guess. No pictures until […]

I have been bad

by Amanda on October 13, 2011

in Frost Diamonds Shawl, Rocky Coast Cardigan

Instead of working on the knitted item that has a deadline, I’ve been working on the Rocky Coast Cardigan. The pictures here are a few days old – I almost have one sleeve done. I have tried to sit down and work on the lace wedding shawl, but it requires a lot of attention. When […]

OMG! I really wish I would have bought some crappy yarn for this shawl. I love this stuff! It’s so squishy and soft. I almost want to be stingy and keep this for myself. Almost. So, here I am done with Chart A. I got through this pretty quickly – about a day. Did I […]

This is the Yarn!

by Amanda on October 4, 2011

in Frost Diamonds Shawl, Gifts

I guess I need to send Webs back the yarn that was not correct. I was worried that I would end up with 6 skeins of sock yarn and no worsted yarn, so I held onto the wrong yarn until I got the correct stuff. And here it is! I had no idea how soft […]

This is not the yarn

by Amanda on October 2, 2011

in Frost Diamonds Shawl, Gifts

Remember back to when I mentioned that I was thinking about doing something radical and crazy – lace knitting. Not just some random piece of lace, either – a shawl. My friend is getting married in February, so I thought a shawl would be appropriate. The winning pattern is the Frost Diamonds Shawl. Mostly because […]