Fitted Knits – Drop-Stitch Tank


by Amanda on June 10, 2008

in Fitted Knits - Drop-Stitch Tank

Who misses Grey’s Anatomy already? ‘Cause I do. Seriously. Anyway, here you go…the completed Drop Stitch Tank! Whoo Hoo! I think it’s just in time for some HOT and HUMID summer weather. I was told (after I made a too large Puffed Sleeve Feminine Cardigan) that everything seems to run big in the Fitted Knits […]

Observation: When I had no time to even breath, I was able to accomplish much more than when I seemingly have all the time in the world. Yes, this means that I have not finished the one last seam on the drop-stitch tank. I KNOW! How hard can it be to seam up one side […]

Any weekend that is gorgeous, has live music, beer, sun, friends, knitting, and Sex and the City is a winner! Friday I went up to Schaumburg to see Modern Day Romeos, a cover band. They were very good…funny, too! I would say that a lot of their songs sounded amazingly like the real ones…it would […]

Knitting? Where?

by Amanda on May 28, 2008

in Fitted Knits - Drop-Stitch Tank

I did mention that I did some knitting over the weekend, so I feel like I should prove that I really did knit something. As you can see I am so close to finishing the back of the Drop Stitch Tank. The way the weather is going here, I will be able to actually wear […]

Inch by Inch

by Amanda on May 14, 2008

in Fitted Knits - Drop-Stitch Tank

I’m still plugging away on the Drop Stitch Tank. As you can see, it’s slowly growing to the proper length. But don’t worry, Friends, I will not bore you every day with a new picture of this slowly growing piece. I put the back on top of the front to see how far I’ve gotten…ok, […]

Well, folks, the school semester is winding down. In fact, I have my last class ever tomorrow night. I completed my portion of the last project on Friday, so I’ve been pretty free of school stress. I have been feeling a little down about the state of some other things in my life, but I […]

…if there wasn’t come crazy person shooting up the school back in February. Instead, graduation is next weekend, and this was Mother’s Day Weekend for me. My aunt had everyone over to her house for Mother’s Day dinner on Saturday. I had a good time…ate good food, drank some beer, and had great company. My […]

Happy Friday!!!

by Amanda on May 2, 2008

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TGIF! Seriously, I am so burnt out this week. Luckily, I have a massage scheduled for Saturday morning…mmm…I can not wait! It’s just been one busy week with school and work. But there are only 2 more weeks of school left! Woo hoo! In between running around like a chicken without a head and taking […]

Ever since the Kappa Delta Reunion last fall, a bunch of people have been saying we need to get together more regularly. So, Saturday night a bunch of us got together for a night of dancing and fun. As you can see, I seem to be the odd man out. I didn’t get the memo […]

Hmm…so I was doing my hair and makeup this morning, and heard this weird noise coming from Yoda sitting behind me. I turned around, and I think she was eating, or at least tasting, my Cole Haan shoe! I have never had a problem with her eating shoes before this…apparently, she knows and like quality. […]