Pismo Hat


by Amanda on July 11, 2008

in Pismo Hat

Oops! I think I messed up…this does NOT look correct. I followed the pattern. I swear it! I think I might try ripping back and trying again. If not, I’ll have to go with Plan B. I’m not really sure what Plan B is, yet, so I need to figure that out, too, I guess. […]

…over all the attention! Yesterday, a coworker instant messaged me and asked me about being a published knitter. She said she opened up her Knitting Daily, and there I was staring back at her! I knew they were going to run my blog post some time this week, but I had no idea which day. […]

I think America had a good birthday…

by Amanda on July 7, 2008

in Pismo Hat

Ok, at least I felt that I celebrated America’s birthday well… But would you expect anything less? It’s always a treat when the July 4th holiday falls on a Friday. That means three days of no work! And I managed to pack a lot of action into those three days. (Please forgive me if my […]

I heart Summer

by Amanda on June 30, 2008

in Pismo Hat

Forget NY (sorry to anyone that lives there, but I really gotta be strong on this one!), I heart Chicago, too! There is just so much going on that I just don’t know how to pick! This weekend started on Thursday this week. My friend Jenn and I went to a Lymphoma and Lukemia Society […]

Life Goals

by Amanda on June 26, 2008

in Pismo Hat

Last night I decided to make it a mild night, so I rented The Bucket List and knit on the first Pismo hat. This is about how far I got last night. Not very far. Again, another reason to not like sock yarn…progress is sloooow. I’m a project knitter, folks, so I want it done […]

I just can’t get into socks

by Amanda on June 25, 2008

in Pismo Hat

I have tons of sock yarn. I really like it, too…all the colors, the variegation, and it’s cheap for a whole project! But, you know what, I just really can’t get into knitting socks. I’ve tried. I really have, but I get bored. Maybe it’s that whole second sock thing…I don’t know…something. Anyway, a couple […]