I’ve been thinking…

by Amanda on July 30, 2008

in Gucci, Rusted Root, Zephyr Style

Dangerous, I know! But I need to get knitting on something, so I’ve been thinking about what I have and what I like to wear a lot. So, I’ve decided that I think I am going to knit another Rusted Root. I love my black one and wear it all the time. I get so […]

I just wasn’t fast enough

by Amanda on December 18, 2007

in Gucci, Yoda

Yoda was hiding under the foot part of my blankets this morning. Here she is emerging as I tried to take a picture of her cuteness lying down. I knew she would move as soon as I tried to get the camera and take a picture. I need a camera in every room of the […]

Thank goodness it’s above freezing today

by Amanda on December 7, 2007

in Gucci, Yoda

Yesterday was a C-O-L-D day. When I woke up at 4:30, it was -3 F (actualy temperature)! Yoda was not so happy about having to potty in the cold like that. It took me 30 minutes to get her to go, and I was 15 minutes late for work. I know it was because her […]


by Amanda on December 4, 2007

in Gucci

I did it! I finished the Gucci Inspired sweater. I wore it to work today, and have a few things I want to fix. First, the buttons need to have some gold or brass in them. I think it will bring out the color. Second, I need to adjust part of the placket…it just fit […]

I’ve been thinking

by Amanda on November 30, 2007

in Gucci, Ribby Pulli

So I have been working on the Ribby Pulli for a while. It kind of went on the back burner due to the immediate nature of needing a Gucci knockoff sweater. But I haven’t been very happy with the way the sleeves are going. I just don’t like the ribbing in the round and the […]


by Amanda on November 28, 2007

in Gucci

Here are all the pieces of the Gucci sweater waiting to be seamed and finished. Tonight I have class (only 3 more this semester!), so no seaming will happen tonight. I plan on getting cuddly with Yoda and a darning needle on Thursday. So I should have most of the garment finished by Friday, and […]


by Amanda on November 16, 2007

in Gucci, Yoda

I love being on vacation! I have been so productive. I am crossing things off my list, which is huge, and getting to do things I want to do. And it’s only the second day. So one of those things I wanted to finish was this sweater. And then I immediately cast on for the […]

Happy 4th Birthday, Yoda!

by Amanda on November 13, 2007

in Gucci, sewing, Yoda

Yes, today Yoda is 4! She is such a big girl compared to when I got her. She was 4 pounds when I brought her home! I can’t believe she has grown so much and is already getting a grey beard… We are going to be celebrating this weekend with a doggie birthday cake and […]


by Amanda on November 7, 2007

in Gucci, sewing, Sorority Quilt, Yoda

I had great intentions of working on the second sleeve of Gucci. I really did. But then I got so excited about how I am going to do my sorority t-shirt quilt that I started ripping that apart.  I have some of the backs of the bazillion shirts already freed from the original design. Yoda […]

From Gucci to Yoda

by Amanda on October 30, 2007

in Gucci, Yoda

The Gucci sweater is taking shape. Here you can see the buttons I picked out for it. I have the whole thing done except for the second sleeve. I tried it on and I think it will be really comfy. I am so excited to start on the brown one! I’m just having some motivation […]