FO Monday

by Amanda on September 26, 2011

in Corona

Remember how I said the other day that I don’t want to bring the same project back to Cali? Well, I’m not! I finished Corona over the weekend. Here she is all washed up and ready to go. Modeled pics to come when I have my sweater fashion shoot. I think it turned out to […]

A Hoodie is not a Hoodie without a Hood

by Amanda on September 23, 2011

in Corona

I was chugging along so well on Corona, but now I’m slowly creeping along. I’ve pretty much gotten the sweater done and am just knitting the hood part now. I think I have about 8 inches more to go. Why is this moving so slowly?! I need to finish this before Monday because that’s my […]

I need a Corona

by Amanda on September 13, 2011

in Corona

Here I am in California (LA are for those keeping score) for work since Thursday. We worked over the weekend for out technical deployment and I really need a good drink. I really want copious amounts of Tequila, but I’d settle for a Corona with lime. Good thing there is a liquor store near the […]

I “heart” technology

by Amanda on September 2, 2011

in Corona, Technology

A few months ago, I decided to get rid of all my knitting magazines and the books I really don’t use any more. I also cleaned out my stash and needles. Since I always use circulars, I don’t need straights any more. I gave the yarn and needles to a nursing home I used to […]

Sleeve Island…

by Amanda on August 29, 2011

in Corona

Well, I got over myself and just started on a sleeve. I decided the Corona sleeves would be easiest since they do switch over to stockinette after all the ribbing increasing. While it took me the entire weekend to actually finish it, I would say total knitting time was a couple of hours. Not too […]


by Amanda on August 22, 2011

in Corona, Ribby Pulli

So, I dug out all my knitting stuff from a storage area in the condo. I came up with a few half done sweaters…You can see the Ribby Pulli and Corona. I’ve also thrown in the green grass blanket to show you all how much I’ve gotten done. I really like these other sweaters that […]

Knitting Recap

by Amanda on October 9, 2010

in Corona, Glam Knits - Texturized Tweed Coat

Well, I can't very well start back up knitting and blogging if I don't know where I was when I left off, can I? Ok, the big project I was working on is the Tweedy Coat. After I looked back, I have made some progress, but not as much as I normally would have. As […]

The first project of 2010

by Amanda on January 18, 2010

in Corona

For New Year's Lisa and I decided to celebrate with dinner in Greek Town since it's, well, like 4 blocks away. And what better way to start out the night than with some Roditis? Here we are as the city girls celebrating the first night in the city…is there a better way to start out […]