Rocky Coast Cardigan

I was lucky enough for the stars to align and had the opportunity to take a Photography for Knitting class with Amy Swenson on Friday. Since the banks love to give people holidays, I was able to attend the middle of the day class at Wool and Company out in St. Charles. We learned about […]

FO Monday?

by Amanda on October 27, 2011

in Rocky Coast Cardigan

Hmmm, I swear I wrote and saved a post about how I finished the Rocky Coast Cardi. It’s no where to be found. Oh, well, second time’s the charm. So, anyway, I finished the Rocky Coast Cardigan. No, I really did. It has all its arms, a collar and it fits. Well…ok…we’ll say it fits. […]

…and so does the Rocky Coast Cardigan. I finished the right arm and did not do any decreases because of the known snugness. I was told that I look like a vagabond when I tried it on with one sleeve completed and one sleeve still in progress. Can’t please everyone, I guess. No pictures until […]

I have been bad

by Amanda on October 13, 2011

in Frost Diamonds Shawl, Rocky Coast Cardigan

Instead of working on the knitted item that has a deadline, I’ve been working on the Rocky Coast Cardigan. The pictures here are a few days old – I almost have one sleeve done. I have tried to sit down and work on the lace wedding shawl, but it requires a lot of attention. When […]

It’s a Rocky Coast Vest

by Amanda on October 7, 2011

in Rocky Coast Cardigan

I divided the sleeves from the body and now am just knitting the body. I tried it on today (no pics, sorry), and it looks like a strange vest. It hits me right below my shoulder blades. I had to rip this thing 3 or 4 times in one day for messing up the cables. […]

Monogomy is not for me

by Amanda on October 3, 2011

in Rocky Coast Cardigan

At least in the world of knitting. I am very happy that I am tying up loose ends with my WIPs, but I gotta tell you – sleeves are boring. I know this is nothing you don’t know, but they are. Last night I was bored and on the internet. You know where this is […]