Good Lord! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. A bit over two years to be exact! A lot has happened since then and I’ve done a┬ábit of knitting. Let’s not delay any longer – here’s the update: I got married We bought a house (more on that later) I changed jobs (did I mention […]

Since I was super busy this year, I wasn’t able to take full advantage of all the vacation I have accrued for the year, so since it’s a use or lose it kind of thing I took the last 2 weeks of the year off. That gave me plenty of time to get some stuff […]

Sigh. I have a lot of projects that I am working on and not enough time in the day. I decided to actually take a little inventory about things I am knitting and came up with this list: Cable baby Sweater – knitting is done. Need to sew on the snap band I made. Lazy! […]

Well, you know…

by Amanda on January 11, 2012

in Chic Knits, Velynda

You all totally know how I am! I can’t just work on one project. So, I decided to start on ChicKnits Velynda. I’m using Di.Ve Zenith. I had previously earmarked this yarn for Cassidy, but since I am avoiding piece knitting I’m re-purposing it. I’ve only just cast on and started the ribbing…I have a […]

So, I am now down to one WIP – the Ribby Pulli. I have been working on sleeve #1, but I really want to cast on for something a bit more….more. I am really contemplating Velynda by Bonne Marie or the Favorite Cardigan by Wendy Bernard’s first book. If I were to start Velynda, I […]