Ribby Pulli

Since I decided to start the Ribby Pulli. You have all heard about it incessantly. IT’S FINALLY DONE! Really, it is. See the picture over there on the left? So, I decided to go with the scoop neck. I do think I need to rip out the ribbing and go down several size needles to […]

I promised that I would post some pictures of my FOs. Well, here you go! I have everything layered on my body double, and I just didn’t do that for funny sake. I actually have been putting everything on there as I finish it because it’s out of the way and nothing gets all messed […]

Maybe in 2012

by Amanda on December 13, 2011

in Ribby Pulli

Believe it or not, I have been working on the Ribby Pulli. I know! Shocking. I almost have sleeve one done – a few more increases and I should be there. Then I’ll have to start the second sleeve. The thing is, I don’t feel so bad about it. Bonne Marie has mentioned multiple times […]

So, I am now down to one WIP – the Ribby Pulli. I have been working on sleeve #1, but I really want to cast on for something a bit more….more. I am really contemplating Velynda by Bonne Marie or the Favorite Cardigan by Wendy Bernard’s first book. If I were to start Velynda, I […]

Travel Bits

by Amanda on September 30, 2011

in Ribby Pulli

So, I’ve mentioned that I have been traveling for work. Last year I was in New York / New Jersey a lot and this year I’ve taken up going to the other coast. I do enjoy the sun and warmer (well, warmer than Chicago) weather when I am out in California. I do not, however, […]


by Amanda on August 22, 2011

in Corona, Ribby Pulli

So, I dug out all my knitting stuff from a storage area in the condo. I came up with a few half done sweaters…You can see the Ribby Pulli and Corona. I’ve also thrown in the green grass blanket to show you all how much I’ve gotten done. I really like these other sweaters that […]

So, I got a little ahead of myself and wound some yarn tonight…I decided to wind the Tess yarn for the Cable Down Raglan. It’s ginormous! I took a picture of it, but you couldn’t tell how big it is without something there for scale….this is the yarn with a regular size ball of Pastaza. […]


by Amanda on July 10, 2008

in Ribby Pulli, Yoda

Yeah, so I picked up the Ribby Pulli again. I started on the first sleeve and I’m not sure how much I’m liking it. I followed the directions, but instead of 2×2 ribbing, I’m going to have some weirdness because of how it’s all working out. I’m thinking I might just rip it out and […]

I’ve been thinking

by Amanda on November 30, 2007

in Gucci, Ribby Pulli

So I have been working on the Ribby Pulli for a while. It kind of went on the back burner due to the immediate nature of needing a Gucci knockoff sweater. But I haven’t been very happy with the way the sleeves are going. I just don’t like the ribbing in the round and the […]

TGIM?! Nah….

by Amanda on September 16, 2007

in Ribby Pulli

Another weekend, another wedding. One of my classmates and fellow coworkers was married on Saturday. She was beautiful, the weather was a bit chilly, but beautiful, and there was much fun! Here is a picture of ‘The Girls’. There is, of course, the bride missing as well as one more ‘girl’ that had to drive […]