Basic Chic Hoodie

Everyone has a yarn

by Amanda on October 5, 2011

in Basic Chic Hoodie, Yarn

I was at Joann’s on an unrelated to knitting shopping trip and wandered past the yarn section. It is growing by leaps and bounds! All types of yarns are living at the Joann’s. In fact, I saw these new “brands”: Vickie Howell Martha Stewart Debbie Stoller Vanna White Deborah Norville It seems that anyone can […]

Love it!

by Amanda on November 22, 2008

in Basic Chic Hoodie

I completed the Chic Knits Basic Chic Hoodie and I LOVE IT! It fits great, the yarn is soft, and warm. I made the lace version, but without the lace on the sleeves. Not only was it quicker to get done, it’s not so breezy! I used the Elann Superwash Worsted for this sweater, and […]

I’m so close I can taste it…

by Amanda on November 17, 2008

in Basic Chic Hoodie, Yoda

I am so close to finishing the Chic Basic Hoodie. In fact, I only have a few more stitches left to bind off. I’m so excited to be done. Then I can go ahead and finish up the Something Black. I’ve tried this multiple projects at once thing, and it’s not working out quite the […]

Chic Hoodie Update

by Amanda on November 13, 2008

in Basic Chic Hoodie, Yoda

I think I have second sleeve syndrome. I hate finishing sleeves, but yet, I love long sleeves. Ironic, I know. But I’ve been plugging away on the Chic Basic Hoodie, and I hope to be finished with it completely by the weekend. I just need to get me some buttons, a half a sleeve, and […]

My right hand is a little frozen

by Amanda on October 21, 2008

in Basic Chic Hoodie

It’s getting to be that time of year. You know, when it’s getting cooler, but you don’t want to turn on the heat. So, you put on another sweater, blanket, and some socks. But what about the hands? I have some Fetching Gloves somewhere, but looking for them would take away from knitting or blogging […]

Fall is Fantastic!

by Amanda on October 13, 2008

in Basic Chic Hoodie

It really is a great time of year. I think Fall gets a bad reputation because it’s right after everyone’s favorite – Summer. But the leaves change and make for beautiful scenery, the weather gets a little cooler so I can wear all my sweaters that I make, and my favorite–Halloween! Halloween is between a […]

Did I mention that I had raccoons living in my roof? I can’t remember if I did…too much has been going on lately. Anyway, about a month ago, I caught the first one by hiring Critter Control. They put a trap on the roof near the holes that the raccoons created themselves with some goodies […]

So, I ripped out the CDR to nothingness. I was so disgusted with myself that I did not cast back on for it. I’ll get to it…instead, I cast on for the Basic Chic Hoodie. It was calling to me! I’m going to do the lace version with this yarn and if I like the […]

I’ve become obsessed with worsted weight knitting, so I think I need a few more size 7 needles. Maybe I should just keep working on what I am working on and not start anything else? Nah! Variety is the spice of life, right? So, I began the Something Red Black with the Valley Yarns Florence. […]