Central Park Hoodie

Central Park in Motion

by Amanda on February 12, 2007

in Central Park Hoodie

OK, this is it about the Central Park Hoodie, I promise. First I wanted to show off some action shots of it being worn. The following pictures were taken by my group mate Cody while at school. Who said you can’t have fun at school? Caption: Here I am looking all professional and warm in […]


by Amanda on February 11, 2007

in Central Park Hoodie

I had this grey wool hoodie from Abercombie & Fitch when I was in college that I LOVED. I wore it everywhere…to breakfast on the weekends, to class, to the bar, to bed…I loved that hoodie so much I wore a hole in the arm. This was before I knew how to knit, so repairing […]

Almost a Cardi!

by Amanda on February 6, 2007

in Central Park Hoodie

This weekend I worked on Bears hats and seaming my Central Park Hoodie. I have the entire sweater sewn together, and just need to do the hood/button band. I wish I just had the time to sit down and finish it. It is going to be a great sweater! I can’t wait until I can […]

It’s good to have sleeves!

by Amanda on January 28, 2007

in Central Park Hoodie

Monday is the beginning of school. Which means that I will not have as much time to knit. So, this weekend, I made it a point to try to finish the bulk of the knitting on the Central Park Hoodie. I also did some other knitting that I will share tomorrow. So, I completed both […]

Central Park Sleeves

by Amanda on January 24, 2007

in Central Park Hoodie

I am still working on those silly sleeves. Even though they don’t look even in the picture, they are. I have been working them at the same time. It’s cool, so everything is the same…but I have to say the most annoying thing is the tangling of the yarn. I still have a long way […]

It has been 21 years in the making, but the Chicago Bears are going to the Supermarket! No, I mean, Superbowl! With approximately 14 minutes left in the game, one of my friends started to say, ‘I think we are going to the Super…’ and she was immediately interrupted with ‘Market! You can’t jinx it! […]

A Little Voodoo

by Amanda on January 16, 2007

in Central Park Hoodie, Yoda

I decided that I am getting so close to completing the knitting of my Central Park Hoodie, so I needed to start blocking the pieces I have done.  I pulled out my blocking wires and went to town. While I was pinning down the wires with the t-pins, my husband said I was doing Voodoo. […]

Damn, it’s already December…

by Amanda on December 10, 2006

in Central Park Hoodie, Yoda

What a crazy month! Seriously, I have been not sleeping, barely eating, shopping, and basically driving myself crazy… The reasons for not sleep and and eating will be revealed in short order, but not everything is in place, yet. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I guarantee you all will be very surprised. (No, […]

Holiday Slacker

by Amanda on November 22, 2006

in Central Park Hoodie

I know, I know…it’s been awhile. But I have been trying to concentrate on school and work. Those are noble reasons to not post, right? I did give you cute Yoda pics, though…. So, what little knitting I have been doing is on the Central Park Hoodie. I am to the armhole decreases, and I […]