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Good Lord! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. A bit over two years to be exact! A lot has happened since then and I’ve done a┬ábit of knitting. Let’s not delay any longer – here’s the update: I got married We bought a house (more on that later) I changed jobs (did I mention […]


by admin on August 27, 2012

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I guess I’m getting to that point in my life where I stop going to wedding showers and weddings, but start attending a lot more baby showers and meeting new little babies. One of my friends just adopted an adorable baby boy, so I decided he needed to be ready for winter. Yes, I know […]

Sigh. I have a lot of projects that I am working on and not enough time in the day. I decided to actually take a little inventory about things I am knitting and came up with this list: Cable baby Sweater – knitting is done. Need to sew on the snap band I made. Lazy! […]


by Amanda on December 15, 2011

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I swear I already wrote this post, but Typepad seems to have made it disappear. Poof! In any case, I’ve been working very hard on some gifty items. See, I’m not that selfish! The Boyfriend’s mom is getting some slippers for Christmas from me because I noticed last year that she loves those hand knit […]

Remember this one?

by Amanda on November 18, 2011

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While I was off from work (using up vacation before the end of the year so I don’t lose it), I decided to do some “Spring” cleaning. I’ve been in the new place for a year now and I’m just starting to unpack everything. Well, at least the yarn/crafting stuff. While I was finding secret […]

FO Thursday

by Amanda on September 1, 2011

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The Green Grass Baby Blanket is now complete! I washed it, dried it, and kept it away from Yoda! She was eyeballing it, so I think she wanted to lie on it and chew her chewie or just snuggle with it. Since this is going to a baby, I’m not sure it’s a good idea […]

Green as Grass

by Amanda on August 18, 2011

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The (not so new anymore) boy’s sister is having a baby. She and her husband refuse to find out the sex of the baby before hand. This makes my life very difficult. You all know how much I LOVE pink, so if I can have the joy of using bright pink yarn to knit something […]

If you've gotten through the San Francisco breakdown, you soon realized that I did zero knitting while there. That doesn't mean I haven't been knitting while I've been off work for 10 days (ahhh). I have been feverishly working on the Tweed Coat. I want to get this sucker done so I can start on […]

Well, the hand is healing. I don't have to do physical therapy, but I figured knitting would be a good way to get some dexterity back into the fingers. I'm still "broken", but I'm allowed to do things. Just not contact sports. But sky diving should be ok…no contact there, right? So, I decided that […]

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I am thinking all the Leprechauns are going to be out and about. So, I taught Yoda how to hunt them. She’s going to pounce on them and lick them until I get home to steal their gold. I blame my rich imagination on my mom. When I was […]