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by Amanda on March 27, 2008

in Fitted Knits-Cozy V-Neck Pullover, Yoda

I have a friend that I met at school who has decided to enter the world of blogging. Last night before my last midterm of my MBA career, I met with him to go over the fine points of blogging. Ok, maybe not the fine points, but the fun points. And I told him some of my latest dating stories. (side note: Did I mention I am going to write a book about moVneck5dern dating? It’ll be comedic.) Anyway, give him a visit at The Man with Million Dollar Hair. Tell him Amanda sent ya.

So, instead of studying for my midterm, I decided to knit. I think that’s the best use of my time at this point. And since it’s supposed to snow today, I could use a nice cozy v-neck sweater! Yes, you read that correctly–snow. I have no idea what’s going on with the weather, but if I can get a wear out of the sweater before next year, I’m ok with it. So, I still have a few (3ish) inches left in ribbing and then it’s on to the sleeves. You can see my green marker sitting there on the side so that I can see that I am actually making progress. For a while there I was thinking I was in the land of never ending ribbing, but I’m not. This really is an easy, quick kYodanewcollarnit.

Yoda received all sorts of goodies from the Easter Bunny this year,  and one of the things was a collar that wouldn’t fit Lillie. Shhh….don’t tell Yodster. Here she is modeling it. It’s cute, but I can’t see her wearing it all the time. I think this is a dress-up collar. My little pink ruffled pug.

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