by Amanda on May 3, 2005

in Blah

Wow!! What a weird day. My Mondays are getting stranger and stranger. I felt like I got nothing done, again, at work. But when I look back at it, I really did accomplish some things. I am in the middle of a web clean-up and I was able to turn off a couple little apps. That is big time since no one want to part with anything around here….

I also tried to use the grill last night. After I finally got it lit without taking off my eyebrows, I put on the turkey breasts. I set the timer so I could go flip them. When I went back out, they were charcoal. Nice and krispy on the outside and pink on the inside. Maybe I need to attend the BBQ University. This was only my second time using a grill of any sort, so I was happy there were no casualties….well, aside from the turkey.

I’d like to wish my sister happy National Teacher Day. Our teachers really are underappreciated. Who else will wipe your kid’s nose, tie his shoes, and teach him to read? Not most parents today.

Knitting, you ask? I am still working on the back of the Tennis Sweater and I am working on the second sleeve of the hourglass. Nothing exciting, just longer than before.

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