Be afraid, be very afraid

by Amanda on January 28, 2008

in knitscene - fall 2008

Samplesweater I have been knitting, folks. I promise. I was hoping to get the pattern and sample done before I start back up with classes, but I don’t think that is going to happen. I am dangerously close to finishing the sample, but I need to sit down and do some work on the pattern. Here is a picture of the sample. It’s a pretty plain sweater right now, but it’ll be jazzed up soon. I’m sure you all have your guesses…

For some reason, I am a freakishly huge fan of Hooters. I guess because I have been going there since I was 17 I have this Hooters preference for those wings (or strips in my case). BWW is ok, but Hooters is just better in my opinion. Anyway, my strange addiction some how landed me at the Fox Valley Hooters on Friday celebrating their 25th Anniversary. Every 25th of the month is a celebration this year…like I need a reason! Some of my friends and I even managed to get some Hooters beads. There was no flashing involved, so its all good.

Classes begin on Wednesday, and I am not looking forward to it. The silver lining is that in 15 weeks, I’ll have my masters degree. I might complain a lot about the school work, but it’s totally worth it. I’ll be the last of the older 4 grandkids to have completed my masters (the younger 2 are still in or barely out of college). I think it’s great that my family puts such an emphasis on education.

Anyway, my school friends and I are getting ready for a game night at the end of the month. I’m putting on my game face! Argh! Aren’t I scary? Gotta talk some smack, too…I guarantee I’ll win! Gotta find ways to cut the stress!

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robin January 28, 2008 at 11:09 am

I only eat wings once in awhile, but I think Hooters is way better than BWW. I don’t have any big issue with the place either – a couple of women I work with have a huge issue and think it is the worst place ever. It may be a generational thing as they are Baby Boomers.

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