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by Amanda on July 6, 2004

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Well, I am back at work. Wish I wasn’t!

Anyway, this was a busy weekend! I found on Melissa’s blog a tutorial on how to take sweaters apart to use the yarn. The tutorial was pretty good and so I hit the thrift store. I bought four sweaters for $.60 each!! Some of them were 100% Merino wool and others were wool and angora….I already have a sleeve off of the Merino sweater. Worked pretty well! I can handle yarn at $.60!!

Speaking of thrift stores, I mentioned that my mother-in-law picked up some needles for me…well, I collected them this weekend and it was a whole set of aluminum needles….size 1-15. There were several size 9s, 10.5s, and only one size 8, but I thought it was a great buy.

I finished knitting the Football Widow sweater, but I still need to block and sew it together.

I started on the Little Black Sweater this weekend as well….I shouldn’t have. I wanted to start a felting project with the yarn my Secret Pal sent–I think I may be able to start it since the Little Black Sweater will probably take quite a bit more time than I am used to spending….

Drapes were made for the kitchen and the bought ones were hemmed….Bought the paint for craft room, but didn’t start painting. Soon, I promise!!

I will post pictures later on today!!

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caramelknits July 8, 2004 at 4:42 pm

Wow, Amanda! Your thrift stores sound unbelievably cheap! I was able to get a couple of mine for 99cents, but 60?! Nice! Can’t wait to see what you make with them. 🙂

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