Back from the Dead…

by Amanda on October 7, 2010

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…well, not really the dead. But it does seem appropriate for this time of year, no?

I. Am. So. Sorry!!!

This year has been crazy. I got so caught up with work that I have not done anything that has to do with knitting. Seriously. And I seriously miss it! It's fall!! Sweater weather!! And I don't have one new sweater to show for it. I need to get on that.

So, work got nuts. I started having to travel. Every other week. It really was a strain to get Yoda together to go on her little trips (to my parents or boyfriend's – oh! That's news, too), let alone actually pull out yarn and knit something. You know what? I take that back…I did knit one day on the brown thing I was working on. I have one sleeve left to go, so I thought I should start it back up. I didn't get very far.

Alright! Enough belly aching! So, for any of you that are still out there, here is what has happened in the last 9 months:

  • You already knew that I moved to the city
  • I found a boy who is really great – more on that in a bit
  • I have been working like a crazy person
  • I have been traveling to New York every other week (this sounds way more glamerous than it really is)
  • I have been traveling for fun
  • I lost my abs that Frank helped me find…it's all that traveling. sigh
  • Yoda is a yuppy puppy – she pees on sidewalks and asphalt
  • All my friends had babies. Pretty much all in the same week. Seriously.

I think that's it folks. Wow. I'm pretty bad…

So, anyway, the highlights are the boy and traveling for fun. Happily, these two go hand in hand. I actually just got back from Hawaii with him and a few friends. Awesome time!!

Well, I promise to be back soon…with knitting content!!!

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Robin October 14, 2010 at 2:28 pm

Glad to see you are back! Congrats on the boyfriend – ugh on the work stuff!

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