Baby Bobbi Bear

by admin on February 3, 2012

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I know that the Bobbi Bear pattern has been out for years. He’s always been on my list to knit, but it hasn’t been until recently when I have been obsessed with actually making them. Most normal people would stop with one, but not me.

The first guy I made I used Elann Highland Peruvian Wool – Superwash. Some stuff I had left over from my Chic Cardi. I thought it would be perfect…worsted, superwash, the color of a bear…Little did I know this poor bear was not going to work out quite as well as I thought he should.

First of all, he’s a bit smaller than I anticipated. I read reviews how Baby Bobbi Bears were still huge for a “baby”. This guy is really not all that much bigger than I actually would have anticipated. He’s a bit strained in the neck (yeah, I missed the line in the instructions that said to tightly duplicate stitch the neck). I decided that if I washed and dried him in the washer/dryer, he’d tighten up a bit…

Have you ever seen a Gummy Bear that’s been soaked in vodka? They are huge! That’s kind of what this poor guy looked like when I took him out of the dryer. Ugh. So, I took him apart and took some stuffing out of the poor thing. That’s probably why he looks a bit deflated.

I then decided that it probably wasn’t the best yarn to be using, so I went with the Lion Brand Organic Cotton in a dark brown. I think this guy turned out MUCH better. It’s more of a heavy worsted weight yarn and much more forgiving in the stretchier areas like the neck.

So, now I have a den of Bobby Bears that I knit because I had to!

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