Are you sure it’s not winter?

by Amanda on September 8, 2008

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Because it sure feels like it out there! We’ve been having some rainy, cold weather so far this week. I was able to wear a sweater to work…that’s crazy!Happybdlillie2

So the weekend was good…somehow the Bears managed to win
against the Colts. (You know I like both teams, so I’m not sad either way…) BFF came over and we grilled out for the regular season opener of Bears Football. Yoda was all set in her pretty scarf, and BFF matched her in his hat. I felt a little left out…only a little. I made Rachel Ray’s burger of the month–Apple-Cheddar Turkey Burger. And I have to say it was fantastic. A little messy, but tasted great. If you have not yet discovered Rachel Ray’s Everyday magazine, please hop over to the site and check it out! MmRustedroot4m…

This past week was Lillie’s birthday! She turned 3, and had a little celebration. Here are Yoda and I wearing our party hats! Doesn’t Yoda totally look like she loves Mickey ears?

And don’t fret, there was knitting! I didn’t completely finish the Rusted Root #2, yet, but I am darn close. I think tonight I’ll get myself to the ribbing and work on that tomorrow during the commute. Soon, my friends, soon!

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Robin September 9, 2008 at 2:25 pm

I know, on the weather!! I’m wearing CDR to work today!

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