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by Amanda on July 29, 2008

in AID Golf Outing

Aid_golf_2008_8 So, Friday was the charity golf outing that I help to organize. By all other people’s standards, it was a successful event. We are still waiting to hear back on grand total, but by rough estimates, we are ahead of where we were last year. However, it was a horrible day for my team!

We had an accident on the course where my dad became pinned between two golf carts. He’s ok now–just bumped, bruised, and sore. Thank goodness nothing was broken! But our team was only able to get in 3.5 holes of fun…then we were off to the hospital. So, I would rather forget about the whole event.

To forget the event, BFF and I headed to the Warren Dunes in Michigan on Saturday. We hit the beach and itMichigan14  was great! I have officially moved to being a Golden Goddess from Bronzed Goddess. I am so dark now! Michigan3We climbed the dune, swam and just relaxed. It was a great time!

We discussed how it was one last forms of pure, innocent, wholesome family fun left. No need to worry about violence, nudity (maybe accidental), ugly music…a family can go to the beach and have a great time with each other. It was really pretty – white sand, clear water, great temperature….Here I am at the top of the dune. OMG! I am still feeling it in my hamstrings, but it’s great exercise.

To really get over the golf outing, BFF and I are going to Vegas to party it up. I’m so excited about not having to be a responsible adult for a couple days. We leave Saturday morning and roll back into Chicago LATE Monday night. I think it’s worth it, no?

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robin July 29, 2008 at 3:49 pm

Sorry to hear about your dad’s accident, but glad to hear he is OK. Have fun in Vegas!

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